June is National Iced Tea Month

Fresh and Fruity!

It's National Iced Tea Month! Whether you Cold Brew or Flash Freeze nothing beats the heat like a tall glass of your Favorite Iced Tea! Our Fresh and Fruity Iced Tea Passport has 6 delicious teas to help quench your summer thirst. Each packet can make 2 quarts of Iced Tea. 

Fresh and Fruity Passport

Easy Iced Tea With Takeya!

Make your Iced Tea Perfectly with a Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker! Add your Favorite Tea. Add hot water to brew, add ice and shake to Flash Chill. Iced Tea has never been so EASY to make!

Summer is Better with our Iced Tea Specialtea Drinks!

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Almond Berry Royale 

- Sweet delicious Almond and Raspberry with a hint of Vanilla. Rooibos and Black Tea.

Tropical Breeze 

- Cool, Fresh, Fruity. Green Tea, Strawberry, Kiwi and Mint.

Plum Mo-TEA-To 

- Sparkling Sugar Plum and Refreshing Mint with Black and Green Tea.


Our Signature Lavender Lemonade is made from a tea of lavender and lemongrass.  

Available from April 15 to September 2